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We want to hear your story. We are collecting narratives on a variety of topics related to Festival life. We will announce new topics and suggested deadlines but you may submit on any topic at any time. And if there is a story you really want to share on a topic we haven’t solicited, please send it in, Sister. We will do our best to find a place for it. What we care about most is your gorgeous truth telling.

Entries we are looking for now : 

  • My First Festival 
  • Remembering and Inventing 
  • Festival Chronicles
  • Community Letters and Statements
  • Mothers and Daughters at Michfest 
  •  Honoring the Sisters who are no longer with us 
  • How Michfest Changed/Saved My Life
  • What I Didn’t Know About Womyn Before I Came to Michfest
  • April 21, 2015 – The announcement that the 40th Anniversary is the final Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival

If you want to interview your Mother or Daughter about their Festival experience and transcribe it, send it on over. We’d love to post it. Is there an elder on the Land that you are close to? Reach out for her story. Have a conversation. Share it. You may also upload the original .aiff or .mp3 audio file.

Please keep your word count to under 1000 words.

Send it in to ssml at or copy and paste into the form on this page.

Your Story. Your Words.

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