Frequently Asked Questions

First and foremost, this is an experiment. As with any process, the way we go about will likely change and adapt as we move along this community spirit together. As I set out to build this space, some obvious questions arose. Some of them came from women whom I consulted with in this process, some were questions I could imagine asking myself.  If there is something you are wondering about and I didn’t include it below, ask anyway.  

What about this?

The content on this site is specifically written by Womyn who have experienced the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival first hand.
Of course. When you submit your entry please note that you would like for your particular post to remain anonymous.
For the past decade or more, most of the online discussion about Michfest has been restricted to the often misunderstood and misrepresented intention of the festival.  And the story of the most enduring, historical and culturally significant female focused and lesbian centric community event on the planet goes far beyond that particular topic. This site is exclusively dedicated the Experience of Michfest.
There is a reason why thousands of womyn have attended the Festival every year for the past 40 years. There are thousands of stories to tell about the Michfest experience. We want to know about your first time on the Land, the first time you walked in the sunshine with your shirt off, when you watched your daughter or mother experience the Festival, when you fell in love (again), expanded your understanding about what womyn are capable of or what we could look like, liberated yourself from a secret you’d kept your whole life, crowd surfed, the friendships you’ve made, healed your heart, healed your body, learned a new skill, slept outside for the first time, decided to let your facial hair grow, a workshop that stayed with you, a memorable Opening Ceremony, the time you scattered the ashes of a loved one. We know it is not always easy. There will be times when we will want to talk about the challenges of living in this beautiful, hard working yet sometimes complicated community. The list is long and varied. It’s all significant. It all matters.
This is simply a place for womyn in our community to have a voice. It’s a place where no woman’s voice will be subject to the silencing criticism and scrutiny that has plagued so much of our online efforts to speak about the Festival. Every woman who calls Michfest home deserves an opportunity to for her story to be heard outside the context of social media comment threads, with respect, with love.

And this?

Just because something doesn’t get posted right away, doesn’t it won’t ever get posted. Admittedly, it will take a minute to see where we are, what we have and what we need and what this process will look like. This is an experiment. I can promise you that it will not be perfect. You have my commitment that everything you send will be treated with great care and placed on a designated server and backed up. It will also very likely be printed and stored in hard copy form as well. Everything that is gathered will go toward the goal of creating a centralized location, an archive of our stories and experiences on the Land.
Please do. Send them to with subject heading “suggested topics.
Yes. If there is an experience you feel compelled to write about, write it. Send it in. I will do my best to find a place for it.